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South Africa Remote Staffing Solutions

Hire Remote Teams in South Africa

Looking for remote staffing solutions in South Africa? We help you augment your ideal team in South Africa while saving up to 70% on costs and ensuring compliance with local laws. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your ideal solution.

An Offshore South Africa Workforce for Any Sector

From accounting and bookkeeping professionals to graphic designers and call center agents, we empower your organization to scale with South Africa’s top talent.


We Help You Source, Vet, & Onboard a Highly Skilled Workforce in South Africa

Leveraging our deep expertise and extensive network, we streamline the process of identifying and engaging top-tier remote talent in the South Africa. Through our comprehensive approach, we handle sourcing, vetting, and onboarding, ensuring you have a highly skilled workforce ready to contribute to your business goals.

Why Hire in South Africa?

With its diverse talent pool, competitive pricing, and cultural alignment, South Africa has emerged as a prime choice for companies looking to expand their remote workforce.

South African skilled workforce
Diverse Expertise

Harness South Africa's Diverse Talent Pool

At 1840, we enable your organization to tap into South Africa’s richly diverse talent pool. Our extensive network and industry knowledge allow us to connect you with highly skilled professionals across a multitude of sectors. South Africa’s multicultural society has cultivated a workforce that brings a unique blend of perspectives, fostering innovation and creative problem-solving. Partnering with us opens up a wealth of opportunity, allowing you to leverage this diversity to enhance your business operations and drive growth. Our rigorous vetting process ensures you get access to top-tier talent, enabling seamless integration into your existing teams and operations.

Language Advantage

Capitalize on South Africa's Strong English Proficiency

English, as one of South Africa’s official languages, is widely spoken and used in business contexts, ensuring clear and effective communication. This linguistic advantage allows for seamless integration of South African professionals into your global teams, eliminating language barriers that could impede productivity. Our thorough selection process prioritizes excellent communication skills, guaranteeing that the professionals you hire will be able to articulate ideas effectively and contribute to collaborative efforts. 

South African workforce English proficiency
South Africa tech talent
Tech Innovation

Access South Africa's Emerging Tech Talent

South Africa is recognized as a burgeoning tech hub, especially in cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg. Gain access to this pool of tech-savvy professionals and innovative thinkers. We have deep-rooted connections within the country’s tech sector, enabling us to identify and engage top-tier remote talent in South Africa. This talent can offer cutting-edge solutions, keeping your business at the forefront of technological advancements. Our comprehensive onboarding support ensures smooth integration of these professionals into your team, enhancing your operations and driving digital transformation. 

Cost Efficiency

Optimize Your Budget with South African Staffing

With 1840, you can leverage the cost-effectiveness of hiring professionals in South Africa. The country’s competitive wage levels, aligned with the local cost of living, offer an opportunity to optimize your budget without compromising on talent quality. Moreover, lower operational costs in South Africa can lead to substantial savings for your business. Our streamlined hiring process and payroll management services enable you to efficiently onboard highly skilled professionals in a cost-efficient manner.

South Africa cost efficiency
South Africa outsourcing incentives
Additional Incentives

Leverage Government Incentives for Business in South Africa

In South Africa, government policies provide extensive support and incentives for businesses, particularly those within the IT and BPO sectors. We can help you benefit from these supportive measures. Our local market knowledge and expertise ensure we are up-to-date with all the relevant incentives and initiatives. We guide you through the process, helping you understand and take advantage of these government-provided benefits. The South African government’s commitment to fostering a positive business environment makes it an attractive destination for outsourcing. 


Established through years of connections, our global network of service professionals grants 1840 clients a competitive edge. You no longer have to search for the right people: we bring them straight to your doorstep.

The 1840 Difference

We are deeply invested in helping businesses focus on business, so our services are designed to be hassle-free. We adapt to your organization structure through freelancing or outsourcing, relieving you of the roadblocks that inhibit your company’s growth.

Scalable Managed

No matter the scale of your needs, we outsource the exact number of business professionals or processes your company needs for success. Our services grow easily with your business, ensuring your evolving needs are met.

Breadth and Depth for Immediate Scale

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.

Elastic Freelancer

From part-time to full-time, our network of freelancers is ready to come alongside your business and meet your needs as they change over time. Flexibility is built into the 1840 model, fulfilling your short-term to long-term needs.

Global Pricing Model

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.